About. Counterbound publishes essay, art, and poems.
Our chapbooks focus on regional politics and culture, and our special editions contain experiments in all things printed.  

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Nobody Wants to See A Bird That
Cannot Sing

by Patrick Collier

About the book.

8x10.5’’ book – 78 pages. 
58 pp. photographs
[contains 5.85x8.25’’, 20 pp. poetry zine]

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Out January 2021

Vol. 1 Issue 3 
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Featured writing: Dispatches from the Non-Profit industrial complex. Building an LGBTQIA+ space in a conservative Catholic culture. Portland’s federal occupation and the US Mexico borderlands. Poetry, visual art, and more.

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Vol. 1 Issue 2
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Vol. 1 Issue 2

Houselessness in the Rogue Valley, land-based reparation, a local artist confronting racism, and more. Plus visual art and poetry. All from local contributors.

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Vol. 1 Issue 1
Our first issue includes five works of non-fiction, two poems, and a collection of visual art.

All from Rogue Valley locals.

Works featured:
Transcending a Return to Normal, on the economic future of Ashland. Home, Now What? on returning home amidst crisis. A Complex Truth, on whiteness and oppression. Climate Messages from Covid-19, on what is to be learned from the twin crisis of the pandemic and climate change. The Table Rock Peace Pipe, on local history and challenging settler narratives.

Letter from the editors.

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