About Counterbound.

Counterbound is a mixed media publishing collective in the Northwest. We work with writers and artists to make books out of anything that prints. Our goal is to be a platform that challenges the status-quo. 

We started in 2020 publishing in Ashland, Oregon, printing chapbooks with essays, poetry, and visual art centering regional politics and culture. Now, we are working on art books, zines, and experiments in all things printed.

Working across the Northwest, we focus primarily on local historical, environmental, and political issues. Our interest is mainly in work that does not fit into a particular genre or mold and we welcome pitches from anyone interested in making prints: art books, zines, screen prints, cyanotype, rough draft manuscripts, design blueprints, poetry, notes, essays ... you name it. Send submissions and pitches to counterbound@gmail.com

Current Editors.

︎ Trevor Warren is a mixed media artist and designer. 

︎ Theo Whitcomb is a writer and filmmaker.

︎ Sam Becker is an organizer and writer.

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